Earth Lovin' Packaging

Plastic is just terrible. We all know this and must pull together to minimise the plastic waste we add to the environment. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it takes more effort.

From the beginning we have always wanted to have the smallest waste footprint possible. For us, this starts with our packaging.

Everything we send out under the TWC brand is either reusable/recyclable (glass jars), or fully home compostable (product shipping packaging - we don't recommend storing product in them).

Our compostable packaging is the best for the environment we could find. By best, we mean the quickest composting time with highest portion of natural components. Our packaging is fully home and industrial compost certified and marine degradable.  

You can shop TWC products knowing you are reducing plastic waste that's filling the earth, and nourishing your family with incredible wholefood!

Also, at TWC we use paper EcoWrap instead of bubble wrap, and are soon to switch out our regular packaging tape for paper packaging tape.

Check the tech specs and global accreditations of our compostable packaging below :)


Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!