Meet our Expert Product Vetting Panel

We all want the food we feed our family to be whole, clean and free of any nasties that take away from our health. Unfortunately, food corporations are more interested in your money than your health. At The Wholefood Collective it's different, we're for people not profit.

We're not for perfection in eating clean, but we do want to empower you with choice, and knowledge that what you purchase from TWC is going to only contribute to your health, not detract from it. We want you to shop with this confidence.


Our expert panel members are leaders in their respective field who contribute their expertise to vet our products with specific focuses on different aspects of health and nutrition.

Read about our panel members below, and keep an eye out for their approval logo's on the product pages.


Francine Bell: Find her approval on food items
Rachel Morrow: Find her approval on food items
Alexx Stuart: Find her approval on non-food items
Jessica Donovan: Find her approval on therapeutic functional products
Kirtsty Wirth: Find her approval on gut-loving products

Happy eating!


Francine Bell

Founder, Additive Free Kids
Additive Detection Focus

Francine Bell is the Managing Director of Additive Free Kids, a food coach, mentor and is one of Australia’s leading activists against additives in foods. In fact, she’s an Advisor to the Global Anti Additive Organisation! True story.


Francine is a mum to 5 boys and has personal experience working through the damaging effects of additives to resolve the multiple health issues and behavioural problems in her own children. Francine has done all the hard work for families to ensure they have access to additive free food, anytime, anywhere.

Rachel Morrow

Nutritionist, Food Matters
Nutrition Focus

Rachel is a qualified Nutritionist at Food Matters. Food Matters are renowned for their stance on how much the right foods matter to our physical, mental and emotional health.


An international phenomenon hailing from the Sunshine Coast in QLD, millions of people benefit from their wellness education and inspiration daily. As forerunners in the crusade for awareness, we’re honoured to have Food Matters making sure our food is top notch. Products approved for thriving have the Food Matters Approved logo on them.

Alexx Stuart

Founder, Low Tox Life
Toxin Focus

Alexx Stuart is the four times best selling

author of “Low Tox Life” and the founder

of the thriving online education hub by the

same name, made up of several e-courses,a podcast (one of the highest ranked inthe health category in Australia), recipes,articles and community action resources.


Alexx is an educator, changeagent, author, columnist, speaker andconsultant at the forefront of a movementthat’s non-judgmental and tough on thesystem that got us here.


Jessica Donovan

Founder, Natural Super Kids
Theraputic Focus

Jessica Donovan is a Naturopath & Mumma of 2. She's passionate about educating parents on nourishing their children with real food, boosting their health and healing naturally.


Jessica combines her extensive naturopathic knowledge with a realistic, empathetic, inspiring and down to earth approach to empower women to look after themselves and take charge of the wellbeing of their families.

Kirsty Wirth

Founder, Kultured Wellness

Gut Health Focus

Kirsty Wirth is a qualified teacher, Integrative Health Coach and mother of two children. Kirsty specialises in the management of clients with a wide variety of gut related chronic health issues.


Kirsty has extensive experience in this field and heads up a team of Naturopaths and health coaches, using a dynamic approach to whole-body health via the gut, with a 'test don't guess - food as medicine' philosophy.

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!