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Would looove to eat food that nourishes, fuels, heals and sustains without spending hours on end researching and in the kitchen.

Dread meal time knowing that at least one of the kids will lose it and you'll cave and feed them something they want that isn't good for them.

Put in lots of time and effort only to have the kids reject the goodness, que frustration and feeling like a failure.

Feel 'Mum Guilt' knowing you should be nourishing your children better, but it all seems way too hard and time consuming.


It’s how I felt for years before I said, “STUFF THIS - I’m gonna reclaim my sanity, my time, and connection with my kids.”

I finally learned that getting nutrient-rich foods into my family every day is super important… and, so are some other things.

Like fun, like down-time, like connection with those I love most.

After 15 years raising a growing family of 5 kids - much of that time running a business or working, I've mastered the art of the-path-of-least-resistance, to a nutrient-rich lifestyle.

I’ve implement 4 key drivers that give the most powerful health outcomes with the least amount of time and energy.

My family is deeply nourished, which feels incredible -
And I’m not losing my marbles.

I designed the NO FUSS Nourished Bootcamp
to help parents shed “mum-guilt” and become powerful change-makers.

So you and your family can stop being mentally and physically weighed down by the effects of crap food, and stress around struggling to nourish your family.

[97% of parents say they’ve felt “mum guilt” around the food they do or don’t feed their kids.
*Survey of The Wholefood Collective Community, 2022]

Say what?! Now that’s just doesn’t need to be!


These Mums went from frustrated to celebrating, just like you can.

Thank you Laini + Jordan. Yes I can do it! Yes I will keep on! Thank you, thank you for running the bootcamp, so glad I did it. It’s changed the way I eat and think about nutrition. Looking forward to any event you have next! Gratitude and love to all.


I’m just loving already seeing the benefits of such concentrated nutrition in my little family, thank you so much for all the knowledge and care you put in.


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I’m a long term IBS sufferer and have been to countless medical experts and signed up to endless websites about food and IBS in a quest to get some relief from my symptoms (weight loss, cramping, extreme fatigue, anxiety and the list goes on). I haven’t found anything anywhere near as easy to implement and stick to…let alone be palatable! I am already noticing changes to my gut health and also my skin. I think my body is finally able to absorb all these wonderful nutrients!!! I’m so excited to continue this journey. Thank you so much.

My husband said this morning, "You've got more out of that lovely lady in the smoothie videos than all the doctors and dieticians you've seen."

This bootcamp has given me back my mojo...Your passion for health and well being is so infectious. Thank you for giving me back my motivation. Feeling inspired!


I just can't thank you enough for what this has already done for me. You have made me feel even more empowered in my life. I feel so much more energy today.

will guide you from being a “food-stressed” parent, to…

Food not being a big drama in your family, rather a source of connection and fun instead of fights and rejection

Feeling like a rock star knowing your kids are getting all the nutrition they need!

Not resenting your efforts as a parent anymore - and not living in the kitchen!

Your kids going from a hard no, to eating well without even knowing, to now choosing nourishing over empty foods most of the time.

IF THIS is the 'food life' you crave,
welcome to the NO FUSS Nourished Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a start-together, finish-together virtual coaching experience to help you actually implement positive changes for your family’s health.

During our time together we'll...

Take stock of your family’s health

Discover the 1st pillar to getting your kids eating healthier, without them even knowing - and actually implement it with your family

Discover the next 4 pillars that give you the biggest nutritional bang for your time and energy buck. Implement your choice with your family.

Learn the roadmap for how to move your family forward with success and a feeling of lightness in the home.

BONUS mystery masterclass you're really gonna love!


We're imperfectly raising 5 well nourished lil' darlings.

We geek out on learning and sharing all things wholefood and it's influence on the body and mind.

Founders of The Wholefood Collective & STACKD Smoothie Co.

Creators of:

· 21 Day Wholefood My Family Challenge

· Supercharged Smoothies Bootcamp

· The Fibre Challenge








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Bootcamp is free. Join waitlist here.


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How much time will I need?

The core content consists of 4 videos that I’ll be trying my darnedest to keep to 20mins or less. There’ll be a few days in between each video for you to do about 30mins of homework. There’s also optional live Q&A sessions the day after each video is released. This is built with busy parents in mind, so I’m keeping things succinct with easy cheat sheets and downloadables + mp3 recordings if you prefer to listen.

What are the dates?

We're in the process of organising another bootcamp. We may even run it as an evergreen bootcamp (do it anytime). So jump on the waitlist and we'll email you as soon as it's ready to go!

What if I’m not on Facebook?

No sweat. You’ll miss the element of community there but you won’t miss a beat on content!

Will there be replays?

Absolutely. The core content videos are pre-recorded and you’ll be able to watch them whenever you can, until the come down a few days after the Bootcamp ends. The live Q&A videos will be streamed into the Facebook Group + Youtube and will be there indefinitely.


Will you be releasing new blends at the end?

Sorry, no not this time. This is all about arming you with the tools you need to nourish your family, with foods you can access at supermarkets, fruit and veg shops or farmers markets. We want to pass on the wisdom we’ve gained through living in the trenches for the last 15 years.


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The Bootcamp is free.  


We love helping people get started and progress along their wholefood journey. Some people want extra help, so we offer extra support through ongoing coaching that is simple and affordable, take it or leave it, there's no obligation whatsoever :)

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