Your kids will WANT to eat healthy food.

With this fun learning resource.

More than just a fun kids book, this engaging resource is a real solution that teaches the fundamentals of gut health and motivates kids to make healthy food choices.

"My 5 yo loved the book!! She has circled all the things she wants to try and wants to go grocery shopping with me tomorrow 🥰 She even circled Broccoli 🎉"

Brittany Stevenson

"My 4 yo loved your book!! He giggled and was surprised and liked going back to compare all the superpowers. He even acted out being Sia. Thank you for such an amazing resource."

Sarah Campbell

"My 3yo's fave story right now is the "bugs in my tummy with the food" one haha its a hit! Thank you💜 "

Danielle Cosgrove

"The book was great. My kids aged 8, 6 & 3 all found the book very engaging and loved the concept of feeding their friends to get superpowers 😄"

Amanda Hajgato

Meet the friends you don't know you have.

(poke them and watch them dance!)





Read the below preview with your kids to see them get into it :)

The first instalment in the MY GUT FRIENDS book series, THE FRIENDS YOU DON'T KNOW YOU HAVE introduces kids to 4 health promoting bacteria strains in our gut and how they can activate their superpowers by eating certain foods.

Each book ends with a fun challenge that helps implement what they've learned.  

A real SOLUTION through fun.

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"Oh my goodness - it is absolutely brilliant!! Miss 7 devoured it 😁 she loved learning their names (even trying to pronounce the long ones!) and really engaged with the information.
We celebrated by eating some dark chocolate together and making a list of which plant foods I'd eaten with my breakfast. Super engaging - you really hit the mark!! ❤️❤️❤️

Lara Belle


An exclusive club where kids get access to activities, games and weekly follow up from their gut friends that keeps them engaged and helps implement their learnings.

Behavioural change starts with learning true principles.

Give your kids the best possible start in their lifetime health journey with the My Gut Friends book series.


What age group is this book for?

The book is written for kids aged 3 through 7, though we've heard kids outside that age bracket love it too!

This is fantastic. How can I get this in schools?

Shucks, we love it too! Best way is to reach out to and begin the conversation around presentations and bulk orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Our POD partner ships to Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK.

Is this a Print On Demand (POD) book?

Yes. Once you checkout the book is ordered for print immediately.  

How long will the book take to get to me?

Printing takes about a week, then shipping takes about a week also. Though depending on where you live, it can be much quicker.

Can I return the book if I change my mind?

Unfortunately no. With a Print On Demand partner, we cannot store returned stock with them. Once demand grows, we will publish the book through the regular channels and keep stock on hand, which will also allow us to take returns.

Is this book guaranteed to make my kids eat healthy?

We have seen fantastic results in helping kids become more educated around food and this resource has helped many kids to eat better.

We cannot guarantee that it will always have this impact, but the earlier you start, the better the outcomes.

|       Copyright ® 2023 STACKD Wholefood Blends

Copyright ® 2023 STACKD Wholefood Blends