Brain Boost Smoothie Booster

530g Zip Lock Pouch

Organic Ingredients

Made in Australia from 70% Australian ingredients

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The range of Supercharged Smoothie (Booster) Blends makes feeling fantastic super easy – each and every morning. These blends were developed with a clear intention – to deliver your body with a level of nutrition like no other breakfast, in only 2 minutes each morning.

Just add this premix to your base (liquid + fruit + veg), and not only will you enjoy a mega-dose of targeted nutrition, but a diversity of real, whole foods that will nurture your gut and support both your physical and mental health! Yes, food can help your mood, your mental clarity and recall, your energy, stress levels, hormones… the list goes on.

The power of food is incredible, and you can choose how you feel! Developed in conjunction with Food Matters Nutritionist Renae Regden, and Paediatric Naturopath Jess Donovan.

The Nut Berry Jam Brain Boosting Blend Delivering strong on the big 4: antioxidants, fibre, vitamins & minerals, this brain-boosting blend supports your overall health, and specifically targets brain function (mental clarity & recall), as well as protection against brain health decline (like Alzheimer’s and Dementia).

This blend has particularly high concentrations of:

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may help reduce free radical damage and slow the aging process of your cells. It may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin B6 is one of the B vitamins that benefits the central nervous system. It is involved in producing the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, and in forming myelin. It may improve mood and symptoms of depression because it’s involved in creating neurotransmitters that regulate emotions including serotonin, dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Vitamin B6 also encourages our bodies to make glutathione (my fave antioxidant for the role it plays in reducing oxidative stress, which we know is largely responsible for much of the health issues we have collectively in society).

Iron is one of the most vital minerals. Severe iron deficiency in kids may cause lower IQ and developmental delays. In adults, iron helps fend off brain fog and fatigue.

Zinc decreases oxidative stress and reduces levels of certain inflammatory proteins in your body. An absolute must for brain health. Oxidative stress leads to chronic inflammation, a contributing factor in a wide array of chronic illnesses, includingmental decline. Zinc is considered an essential nutrient, meaning that your body can’t produce or store it.

Healthy fats promote normal functions of the brain and nervous system, help us out with supporting natural liver cleansing and reducing inflammation in the body.

Protein is required to produce key neurotransmitters which allow brain cells to communicate via chemical messaging.

Fibre Studies have shown that dietary fibre may boost cognitive control among preteens.

Potassium plays an important role in keeping brain function at a normal level. High levels of potassium allow more oxygen to reach the brain, thereby stimulating neural activity and increasing cognitive function.

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