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This 'just add liquid', delicious No-tella Chia Seed Pudding is the kingpin of delicious fibre snacking.... it can also double as breakfast or even dessert! Fibre has 5 super powers, and with around a whopping 11.7g of fibre, eating a chia seed pudding each day will help it to do its jobs!

1. Supports hormone health

2. Supports healthy weight management and balances cholesterol

3. Feeds your beneficial microbes and contributes to a robust microbiome. Fibre is like throwing fertiliser on your microbiome "lawn".

4. Supports easy to pass stools and healthy digestion

5. Helps control insulin spikes, blood sugar and cravings. Gut health guru Kirsty Wirth advises we need well over 35g of fibre each day, but so few people actually achieve that number. So getting a solid 12-17g in a single snack or meal is a powerful step forward for your health, right? Try adding a serve of our Fibre Booster Blend to lift it to around 15g. Add a 1/4 cup raspberries? Now it's 17g!

And this deliciousness doesn't only deliver big on fibre either. It is naturally rich in many other vital nutrients too. In terms of nutrient-density (nutrients per calorie), it’s hard to beat the humble chia seed. This snack will give you:

A slew of antioxidants They're like warriors who fight excess free radical invaders.

A heap of good fats For brain and gut health, and to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

31% of our zinc needs For immunity, brain and gut health, and growth and repair.

Selenium For helping to prevent cell damage. It’s also needed to make my fave antioxidant - glutathione. Glutathione works to reduce oxidative stress, which we know is largely responsible for much of the health issues we have collectively in society. It also powers up our immune systems' front-line bug-killers, a type of white blood cell called T-cells.

42% of our Vitamin B6 needs Increases our antibodies to fight infections, and supports our bodies to make more glutathione.

42% of our Iron needs For immunity and transporting all of these critical nutrients and oxygen around the body.

23% of our Protein needs For growth and repair, keeping us fuller for longer, and contributing to mental clarity and sharpness.

23% of our Calcium needs For keeping our bones, teeth, hair and nails strong.

15% of our Potassium needs For helping to maintain a robust immune system. It's a winning snack for fibre and all round nutrition alright!

Just add...

1. Your liquid of choice (coconut milk, almond milk, coconut water, juice - whatever strikes your fancy!)

2. A sweetener (one tablespoon of maple syrup is amazing! Alternatively you can play with your other favourite sweeteners.)

*These micro- and macronutrient figures are for general advice only and have not been tested in a lab.

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!