Porridge Booster Blend


Organic & Spray Free

46% Australian Ingredients

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So many of you have been begging for a Smoothie Booster Blend equivalent, for when you want something warm for breakfast. Well, here it is!

An uber-convenient way to secure diverse nutrition each morning. Simply cook 1/2 cup oats with 1 cup milk/water. Once cooked, stir through 25g (2.75 tbspn) of Porridge Booster Blend and enjoy a significant source of fibre, zinc, protein, iron and selenium (around 37%, 40%, 26%, 25% of an avg RDI respectively), and a good source of vitamin E & B6 and good fats (around 12%, 17% and 10% of your RDI respectively).

For those fussy kids or adults, just stir through a sprinkle as you're building up to a full serve!

Oats and these specific whole foods may support gut health, immunity and greater nutrient bioavailability.

Subtly sweetened with cinnamon, ginger, lucuma, vanilla and monk fruit.

Top with natural greek yoghurt for next level deliciousness! A little sweetener is optional.

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!