Supercharged Smoothies eBook

13 recipes


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What's inside?

♥ The unique formula that creates a Supercharged Smoothie
♥ Why each component of that formula is so important
♥ Foods you can use in your smoothie for each element of the formula
♥ How to craft your smoothies to support your individual health goals (detox, gut health, immunity, all-round health, brain clarity)
♥ How to craft smoothies to suit your dietary preferences (keto, vegan etc)
♥ Which fruits, vegetables and pantry whole foods you can use functionally to support those health goals
♥ Index of foods and their functional properties
♥ 18 smoothie recipes for specific health goals
♥ 2 Non-smoothie recipes you can use your blends in
♥ All recipes have been created or approved by a Naturopath and Nutritionist for a complete and balanced meal

This eBook will be provided free with any Supercharged Smoothie blend purchase.

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!