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Made in Australia from 31% Australian ingredients

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What is it? A blend of diverse and fibre-rich wholefoods that pair beautifully with anything sweet! This Fibre Booster Blend also has a savoury bestie on the way for all those yummy dinners too.

Why? Australia's Gut Guru, Kirsty Wirth, teaches that the diversity of our fibre intake is just as important as the quantity of our fibre intake! Your gut demands a great deal of variety to foster a robust microbiome. So we designed this beauty for you. Not only will it deliver approximately >3g of fibre in each 1 tablespoon serve, but it'll also deliver a significantly diverse range of powerful plant-based antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals too. We should be aiming to consume well over 35g of fibre each day, but so few people actually achieve that number. So any boosts we make throughout the day add up and help us make powerful steps forward in our health.

Fibre has 5 super powers:

1. Supports hormone health

2. Supports healthy weight management and balances cholesterol

3. Feeds your beneficial microbes and contributes to a robust microbiome. Fibre is like throwing fertiliser on your microbiome "lawn".

4. Supports easy to pass stools and healthy digestion

5. Helps control insulin spikes, blood sugar and cravings.

"One of the most powerful ways I pump up the diversity of fibres and nutrition my family gets, is through what I call 'boosting' a meal. Boosting a meal means adding a little something that has big nutritional payouts, to whatever you're already doing. It takes almost no effort, you don't need a recipe, and the benefits are numerous!" – Laini, TWC Founder

Customer Reviews

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alex Butler

I love it
It tastes really good added to my plain yogurt 1😋

Linda Allen
Sweet fibre

A nice addition to the top of a smoothie

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!