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A major focus here at STACKD is to empower as many we can with knowledge of the best whole foods and how to fuel and heal the body and mind with them. That's why we regularly run FREE 5 and 10 day educational challenges.

We currently have two evergreen challenges (with more in development), the Supercharged Smoothies Bootcamp, and the Fibre Challenge. Both of these challenges are jam packed with simple yet powerful information, and practical fun activities that get you implementing what you learn.

Once you get involved in one of our challenges, you'll understand why so many come back time and time again to drink deeper or get a refresher on this life changing info.

Check out a snapshot of the two challenges below, then jump on in and get watching!


Once you're finished, there's a sweet discount if you want to immediately implement what you have learned in the challenges.





Learn the simple formula to supercharge your smoothies for a delicious, nutritionally complete, balanced meal in minutes.

In only 5 minutes each morning, you CAN send your family off for the day, with tummies brimming with the nutrients they need for...
✅ Clear minds,
✅ Stable moods,
✅ Robust immunity,
✅ Healthy guts,
✅ Ample energy,
✅ and it can taste fabulous too!
That's why we created the Supercharged Smoothies challenge!
Join us for our 5 Day Supercharged Smoothies challenge where you'll learn...
🎯The nutritionist-and-naturopath-approved formula for supercharged smoothies
🎯 Why each component of that formula is so important
🎯 FREE ebook with many delicious smoothie recipes
🎯 How to use potent whole food premixes to boost your smoothies in targeted ways

Learn the 5 Superpowers of Fibre and how each one of them can radically impact your health.

Not eating enough fibre (combined with having too much processed sugar) creates inflammation, which both:
a) stops your body from producing enough serotonin (our feel-good hormone)
b) blocks the serotonin receptor in our brain, so the serotonin our body does manage to make, barely even registers!
So... getting enough fibre helps us feel gooood, and lowers our risk of depression.
(Thank you to Dr David Perlmutter for that amazing piece of wisdom)
But that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Come learn the 5 Superpowers of Fibre, whether you're getting enough fibre diversity, and how you can get more.
Join me, Laini founder of The Wholefood Collective and STACKD Wholefood Blends and Kirsty Wirth of Kultured Wellness, as we dive deep into this incredibly powerful macronutrient, plus learn some simple and practical ways to boost your family's fibre diversity.
✅ 5 workshop videos (≈20mins each)
✅ Fun Challenges
✅ FREE recipe eBook
✅ and a Live Q&A (replay) with Kirsty and Laini.

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!