Boosted Chocolate Mylk


Organic & Sugar Free

Made in Australia from 99% Imported Ingredients

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A yummy chocolate drink you can feel great about! Hot or cold, this blend of 11 functional wholefoods won't disappoint.

Good quality Organic Raw Cacao has been shown to support an incredible range of health benefits. Bursting with flavanol antioxidants, fibre, minerals and phytonutrients, it may support good mood, gut and brain health, mental alertness, cognition and focus, blood flow, inflammation reduction, stem cell recruitment and activation, stress and anxiety reduction, and heart health. Phew, that's a lot! It's an incredible functional food that's so often ruined by high processing and added refined white sugar.

As beautiful as cacao is, it's a stimulant so we've reduced it with the addition of Organic Carob Powder. You won't detect it though!

Organic Lucuma Fruit Powder offers a natural subtle sweetness, as well as a great fibre hit.

But of course we don't stop there! This Chocolate Mylk Blend is boosted with the following gorgeous ingredients....

- Everybody knows Organic Beetroot Powder paired with chocolate is a match made in heaven. 1 serve of Boosted Chocolate Mylk provides the equivalent of around 1 tablespoon fresh beetroot! Dried low and slow to retain nutrients before being crushed, beetroot powder is a super concentrated form of wonderful nutrients. It also supports blood flow to the brain and lowering of blood pressure.

- Organic Maca Powder introduces an adaptogen and supports our body's ability to cope with stress. Maca powder is best known for supporting and balancing our hormones. The Incas have used Maca for thousands of years to encourage memory, focus, energy and immunity.

- We reached for the best Cinnamon Powder we could find. Sri Lankan (True Verum) Cinnnamon is in a class of it's own, both functionally and taste-wise. It contains highly potent polyphenol antioxidants that like the cacao powder, has anti-inflammatory effects.

- Shiitake Mushroom Powder: You're enjoying the equivalent of 1/2 fresh shiitake mushroom in every serve of Boosted Chocolate Mylk. And great news, it's a 2nd adaptogen in this blend! Used in Chinese medicine for centuries, the western world is catching on to using shiitake mushrooms functionally. Compounds in shiitake may help fight cancer, boost immunity and support heart health.

- Turmeric Powder: Yet another food that is hailed as a powerful anti-inflammatory. It's also anti-bacterial and contributes potent antioxidants.

- Australian Pink Lake Salt: Every chef knows to balance sweet with a touch of salty! And of course we opt for the highest quality salt we can find, with all those essential trace minerals present.

- Vanilla Powder: Because vanilla and chocolate should always be together! We went back to our vanilla supplier 6 times to clarify processing methods to ensure we only include tip-top ingredients for you and your family.

- Black Pepper Powder: Perhaps an unlikely addition, but a teeny tiny amount of black pepper is all that is needed to ensure the turmeric is bioavailable. If you're adding a good fat to your chocolate drink (a good quality cow's milk, MCT oil, butter etc), that's yet another way to ensure that turmeric is activated. Lastly, if you're making a hot chocolate, the heat will also help to activate it!

At our community's hot request, it's an 'add-your-own-sweetener' deal ;)

Some wonderful options....

  • 1/2 - 1 tpsn of pure maple syrup / coconut sugar
  • or 0.6g of TWC monk fruit / green stevia (I love half of each to avoid that weird after taste that they give sometimes) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cindy Cross
Happy Mum

So happy my 12 year old son likes this chocolate mylk and it’s full of goodness. He only needs to add a little maple syrup to make the sweetness to his taste.

Teigen Boulter
So easy and takes away the guilt

I love this blend to give to my kids as a delicious treat. Knowing it's actually good for them and without all the added rubbish of other hot choices is an extra bonus-plus then I get known as the fun mum- and I like that😊

MEL camilleri
Best hot chocolate I have had!

I love that you can add your own sweetener as every hot chocolate I have had is always too sweet for me. It leaves me feeling super satisfied that I know drinking this warm hot chocolate is giving me a great boost of nutrition. Thank you so much for inventing this!

Great for the Kids!

My kids love making hot chocolate with the Boosted Choc Mylk - even though i never buy the 'loaded with sugar' popular brands they've tasted them but still don't complain about our healthier alternative and love that it's a 'treat' that they can help themselves to.


I love love Boosted Chocolate Mylk. It tastes AMAZING added to a banana smoothie. Or sometimes I make a hot choc with it, with a splash of oat milk and tsp of coconut sugar. Soooo yum!!

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!