Boosted Spelt Pancake Mix


Organic & Sugar Free

52% Australian Ingredients

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Finally, pancakes that help your gut thrive! You won't mind scoffing down a couple of these fluffy beauties when they're made from a diversely boosted flour blend including organic red lentils, buckwheat, hemp seeds, wholegrain spelt, golden linseeds, and adaptogenic maca powder. To top if off, they're subtly flavoured oh-so-naturally with spray free vanilla powder and organic Sri Lankan cinnamon and monk fruit powder (nasty free of course).

Did you know it's the diversity of nutrients and fibre that are just as important as the quantity?

Why oh why do all the pancake blends on the market contain sugar, when you're about to top it with sweet gooey goodness anyway?! We skipped it.

You know what else we don't need? Pesticides. You won't find them in here.

These truely are pancakes to make those 500 trillion species of gut bugs sing. Don't tell the kids though - top with natural Greek yoghurt and a dash of real maple syrup, and they'll be none the wiser. Mwahaha!

Note: We selected ancient wholegrain spelt flour as one component of the flour blend, on account of it's nutrient value, and the gluten it contains is usually much better tolerated by gluten sensitive tummies.

Makes 16 pancakes

Directions: Add 2 egg whites + 2 cups of milk of choice (any is fine) with 1/2 packet of Boosted Pancakes (this makes 8 pancakes). To make them extra easy and extra fluffy, I love whizzing the egg whites in the blender until fluffy first, then adding the milk and flour blend and whizzing again. Pour straight from the blender into a hot pan and it couldn't be easier!

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!