Gut Loving Smoothie Booster Gluten Free

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The range of Supercharged Smoothie (Booster) Blends makes feeling fantastic super easy – each and every morning. These blends were developed with a clear intention – to deliver your body with a level of nutrition like no other breakfast, in only 2 minutes each morning.

Just add this premix to your base (liquid + fruit + veg), and not only will you enjoy a mega-dose of targeted nutrition, but a diversity of real, whole foods that will nurture your gut and support both your physical and mental health! Yes, food can help your mood, your mental clarity and recall, your energy, stress levels, hormones… the list goes on.

The power of food is incredible, and you can choose how you feel! Developed in conjunction with Food Matters Nutritionist Renae Regden, and Paediatric Naturopath Jess Donovan.

The Strawberries & Cream Supercharged Gut Blend Delivering strong on the big 4: antioxidants, fibre, vitamins & minerals, this Supercharged Gut Loving Blend supports your overall health, and specifically targets nurturing the gut, to encourage overall health, both physically and mentally.

This blend has particularly high concentrations of:

Vitamin B6 ensures the normal functioning of digestive enzymes that break down food, keeps the skin healthy and produces blood products such as red blood cells. This important vitamin has many other uses, and a deficiency can lead to permanent nerve damage.

Iron is one of the most vital minerals and helps to preserve many vital functions in the body, including general energy and focus, gastrointestinal processes, the immune system, and the regulation of body temperature.

Zinc is a superstar mineral that helps strengthen the gut lining. A deficiency can lead to various gastrointestinal disorders, but eating a zinc-rich diet has been shown to be beneficial in treating diarrhea, colitis, leaky gut and other digestive issues.

Healthy Fats Recent studies have shown the positive correlation of good fats to your gut microbiota. What's more, omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, which may prevent inflammatory bowel diseases.

Fibre helps to build a robust microbiome that can support us to thrive in both body and mind. It plays a major role in digestive health as it is the fuel the colon cells use to keep them healthy. Fibre also helps to keep the digestive tract flowing, by keeping your bowel movements soft and regular.

Potassium acts as a signaling molecule to communicate signals from the brain to muscles in the digestive system for the proper movement of food through the digestive tract.

Customer Reviews

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Kylie Taig
Gut loving smoothie booster

Love this blend its our families favourite of all the smoothie boosters. Kids love it too. It's awesome It's packed full of nutrition and tastes great too.

Jess Komene
Delicious and nutritious!!

I love the gut loving smoothies! Full of so many great things and great tasting aswell. Leaves you full, satisfied and happy you have fueled your body well!

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!